Lucky Spin

Want to take a look? Just take a spin.

What does it offer?

Invite as many people as you want (from 1 up to 5.000 participants)
Your own logo
Custom colors to fit your brand
Participant photos, Photo wall
Customized messages
Draw presents with pictures
List of participants and winners
Customized background
Sounds during spin
Sounds after spin

Coming soon

For more information about pricing contact us.

Coming soon

For more information contact us.

Conferience app
Get notifications on your screen and gain access to the event through QR-code and iBeacons.
Available for iOS and Android devices.
Let your attendees know everything about the event agenda and the speakers' profiles.
Speakers' list
Simple list of speakers in alphabetical order (detailed profiles).
More than one event per day? More than one session? No worries! Group them together.
My Agenda
Multi-session Event? Select which sessions to attend.
Attendees' Questions
Let everyone submit their questions. Microphones are no longer needed.
Ideas (Brainstorming)
Post or share your ideas and upvote the ones you like more.
Increase your revenue streams. Provide your sponsors with the best promotion!
Floor Plan
All your sponsors and exhibitors visualized in a single floor plan.
It allows you to easily poll a live audience.
It allows you to live test an audience.
Personal Score
At the end of each question group, each attendee is able to find out their score either anonymously or not.
See your reports in graphical representation.
Graph Comments
Are you the presenter? Make your slideshow dynamic and fun with interactive presentations using attendee engagement.
Control Voting
Click-by-click control of questions and graphs when running polls or quizzes.
High Score
Attendees vote for the winners. Live results with live scores are provided.
Reward the ones that participate.
Shared Documents
All presentations, documents and extra material in one file. We go green.
Upcoming Events
Inform your attendees of the upcoming events.
Event Evaluation
Get constructive feedback about your event.
Speaker Evaluation
Rate the speakers and help them sharpen their skills.
Attendees | Networking
Easy networking everywhere for any type of event, such as conferences, awards, music events, expos, sport events and many others.
Attendees' List
All delegates of the event in one list.
Dynamic Registration
Attendees can dynamically register to sessions, workshops, seminars by automatically creating a list automatically.
External Links
Redirect your attendees to an external link.
Extra Security Code
Increase your event's security.
Pop-up Messages
Send pop up messages to the attendees to instantly inform them.
Pop-up and push messages from the organizer.
Promotions Board
Pop-up and push messages from sponsors and exhibitors, regarding promotions of their products and services to visit them at their booth.
Organizer's Profile
A short profile of the event organizer.
Provide the event organizer with your positive feedback.
Convert your data into valuable business information.
Data Export
Export your data in the form of an excel sheet.
Banner Exposure
Provide your sponsors with the best promotion possible, putting them in the app's front page.
Pop-up Ads
Promote your sponsors' services or products via pop-up ads.
Navigate me
Just one click away from the venue.
Word Cloud
Automatically generate a word cloud live in front of the audience.

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We aim to increase the level of experience while using our product. Feel always free to make any suggestions, propose new features or improveand enrich the existing ones.

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