Conferience for events

Conferience is the best web and native app ideal for event organizers. Engage your audience, facilitating direct interaction among them. It is excellent for any kind of event, no matter the size of event. More.. Less..

Who can use it?

Event organizers of any type such as festivals, forums, conferences, corporate events and trade shows.

How can you use it?

Select from a variety of more than 30 features to engage and energize the participants of any event, small or big ones.

Check some of our main features:

1. Attendee questions
2. Agenda
3. My agenda
4. Speakers list
5. Sponsors list
6. Organizer info
7. Popups
8. Announcements
9. Info icons
10. Social media
11. Attendee list
12. Speaker evaluation
13. Event evaluation
14. Brainstorming
15. Word cloud
16. Polls
17. Graphs
18. Quiz
19. Venue – Navigate me
20. Floor plan
21. External links
22. Registration
23. Networking
24. Attendee chatting
25. Shared docs
26. Raffle
27. Media Wall – Share moments
28. Data extract in XL
29. PDF – Infographic
30. Help flyer for attendees
31. Payments
31. Networking
32. Meetings
And many more

Also, download and use FREE our Conferience native app for iOS and Android.


More brand awareness for your event.
Make your sponsors and exhibitors happy!!

Conferience for work

Companies, Foundations, Enterprises

Now teams have the power to communicate and collaborate online and effectively. Team members use the app to chat, send messages, share common problems, exchange ideas, questions and report clients’ problems. Optimize your work by using our suite of different business engagement tools. More.. Less..

Who can use it?

Management teams, HR, Marketing, CRM, Sales, Logistics and other departments in your organization have now the power to engage your employees in different ways.

How can you use it?

Collect anonymous feedback from your employees, coworkers and partners

Users can communicate via chat rooms or group video chats

Run polls to get sentiment on different topics regarding your departments or your clients.

Ideal for your corporate events, seminars, workshops, corporate meetings physically or remotely.

Gain speed and engagement providing high experience via our web app (use it on your PC) or native app (iOS and Android).

Receive notifications on your mobile screen.

Generate and share ideas and thoughts through brainstorming

Set up teams.

Members can create their profiles

Check here all our features

Conferience for presentations

Now presenters can create a unique experience at their next presentation with polls, word clouds, Q&As, quiz, and more. With an array of different solutions on their hands they can turn their presentations to fun. More.. Less..

Who can use it?

Speakers, teachers, professors, instructors, lecturers, students, facilitators.


How can you use it?

Presenters can engage attendees by using 

  • Polls
  • word clouds
  • questions and answers
  • quiz
  • photo quiz
  • ideas brainstorming
  • evaluation of the presentation with instant feedback

Powerful voting options

  • Likert scale,
  • Multiple choices
  • Multi-multiple choices
  • Segmentation
  • Statements
  • Collection of personal data
  • Open questions
  • Rating
  • Stars and many others
  • Image choice
  • Reactions
  • Matrix

Also, get anonymous feedback after your presentation in seconds, generate ideas through our brainstorming feature, gamify your presentation with winner lists and leader boards and add themes.

Users use their devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets) to participate to any activity either physically or remotely.

Users exchange ideas, share their experiences, participate and test their knowledge via quizzes. This is more than fun with no anxiety at all :-) as they can be either anonymous or indicating their identities.

Gamification makes the presentation more fun!

Ideal also for Schools and universities

teachers understand much better their students’ questions, evaluate their knowledge anytime and collect new ideas to become more productive into the classroom increasing the level of their students’ effectiveness…

Increase experience

The audience feels more engaged as they participate via their smartphones on any kind of quizzes and polls while posting their questions and ideas regarding the topic. At the end of the presentation an evaluation form helps to collect invaluable feedback regarding the topic and the presentation.

Presenters are able to understand how their audience “thinks” and what are the main topics they would like to hear from the presenter. Through brainstorming, they can ask attendees to generate ideas and ask to evaluate the course in order to improve next presentations.

Conferience for surveys (market research)

Listen to the voice of your customers, coworkers, employees, parents, students, citizens and everyone else online and real time. Create easily questionnaires and feedback forms to collect replies from your audiences. More.. Less..

Who can use it?

Market researchers, focus groups, companies, and anyone would like to collect replies from their audiences.

How can you use it?

Marketeers can engage any audience, small or big, by using a variety of different options to create a questionnaire according to their needs.

  • Use from more than 300 ready templates and modify them in matter of seconds.
  • Run surveys & polls as well as feedback forms, from simple forms to complex logic ones with full of statistics.
  • Choose ready feedback templates from different industries to apply quickly to your organization.
  • Edit your forms quickly.
  • Get live infographics and analyze/export the results in Excel and pdf.
  • Get real time results, graphs, reporting and analytics.
  • Improve your service level & get to know your business weaknesses
  • Ensure customer retention
  • Online customer support.


Powerful voting options

  • Likert scale,
  • Multiple choices
  • Multi-multiple choices
  • Segmentation
  • Statements
  • Collection of personal data
  • Open questions
  • Rating
  • Stars and many others
  • Image choice
  • Reactions
  • Matrix