Conferience is a web and smartphones application which allows the event organizers, speakers (corporate or individuals), market researchers, trainers, students, professors to interact real time with their audience physically or remotely. Conferience is the next generation tool for events and provides a unique experience in the event.
At choose from the pricing list the features you would like to include to your event. To open a trial account, please contact us at
Get into from any device (from PC to tablets or any type of smartphone). On the landing page you will see: FOR ATTENDEES and in the box asking for EventID type your event ID.
Yes, because you need to have access to the internet. Alternatively, you can have access to the internet through your mobile providers’ connection.
The web-app is available in all devices and platforms (iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Smartphones, tablets), Blackberry etc.) through the URL You do NOT need to download any app from any store (App Store, Google Play or Marketplace).
You can easily access your account at On the landing page, you will see: “CREATE EVENT?” There you submit your email and password (first you need to contact us at
You get into and you login into your account from any device, from PC to tablets or any type of smartphones.
The system you use is the Conferience Content Management System (CMS) The CMS is the platform where you can change your profile and your company’s details. Also, it is the system where you enter all your questions, create the agenda, set up polling and speakers’ profiles as well as sponsors, event and speakers’ evaluations, download your data, see all the graphs, decide which questions to be shown, edit them and many more. It is the dashboard from where you can control everything.
“Agenda” allows the attendees to find all the information needed regarding the Event: the time schedule, multi-sessions, the list of speakers as well as a short profile and contact details for each of them.
Yes, with Conferience you can fully expose your Sponsors and Exhibitors. Each one will be listed on the “Sponsors” menu of the app. Attendees will be able to see the list of your Sponsors, their logos and access their websites directly from the app.
Attendees can type in questions directing to the speaker or to the coordinator as well as upvote other questions submitted by other attendees by clicking (Like) on the thumbs button.
You can eliminate the costs of printing questionnaires for the Evaluation of your Event. In our CMS you can add the questions the same way you added the Polling questions. Questions, such as “Did you like the venue?”, “Did you like the catering?”, “Did you like the atmosphere?” can be given as part of the electronic evaluation form.
You can eliminate the costs of printing questionnaires for the evaluation of your speakers. In our CMS you can add the questions the same way you added the Polling questions or you can have stars rating directly from the Agenda where all the speakers appear. After that, you will know whether your speakers made a difference or not.
Of course! It is the best way to gain brand awareness. This is the Custom Branding feature.
Your attendees enter their name and e-mail to participate in a virtual draw to win a prize you have decided (ticket, tablet etc.).
You can publicly (live, in front of your audience) get into and give the range of the numbers you want to raffle. You just click enter in front of attendees and you get the lucky number.
Upcoming Event is the place where you advertise Next Events.
“Polling” provides the option to the attendees or to a market search participant to answer questions on the topic of each presentation or a survey. For example: Did you like XY’s talk? What do you believe on a specific issue? etc.

It includes all the types of questions.
Some of them are the following:

  • Yes/No,
  • Likert scale,
  • Multiple choice,
  • Open questions,
  • Ranking and
  • Stars
In the CMS (Content Management System) you can add or erase easily questions. First, you choose the type of the question, then you type the questions and the answers (if it is a multiple choice question) and finally, you submit them.
No, it is not necessary. You can show only the Polling analysis or otherwise you can show both Polling and Event Evaluation. It is easy to enable or disable this option from the Content Management System even while you are at the event. Just login to your profile and choose between enable/disable.
After your event has taken place, you can access the reports of the Polling, Speakers’ profiles and the Event Evaluation sections. You have to login into your account to find all the reports from your past events and download in cvs and xl format.
Results are presented in infographics showing in Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Stars and others.
A Web-App enables you to navigate in an application without installing anything. All you need is to type the URL in the browser of your device. It is a reliable and easy way to present your event, without imposing your attendees to install it. A native app is the application you download from the Apple store, Google Play or Windows marketplace.
Conferience is a Web-application, it is an app like. You don’t need to download anything from the stores of Apple, Google or Microsoft. You open a browser, type and the event ID and you are in the app of your event.
There is a detailed pricing plan where you can buy only the features that fit your needs. Otherwise, take advantage and enjoy the discount plans. The Pricing tab on our website will help you define your value-for-money solution.
Your event will be available as long as you want. It means that attendees will be able to access all the abstracts and data even a year after!
YES. Before using Conferience at the event, you need to call the IT department of the venue and ask whether the routers they have can accommodate concurrently the number of users/participants at your event. The reason for this is that if at the time of the event you ask the participants to get into Conferience, the routers of the venue must be able to accommodate all the traffic (for example, 50, 100, 300 smartphones concurrently or more). Usually it is the problem coming from routers and not from the bandwidth that the venue has. If participants have access through their mobiles’ operators, you must check before that the signal of the operators is strong enough to provide access without problems.
The duration for every package is per year. It counts 52 weeks from the first day of your payment.
The duration per event is one day unless you buy only the POLLING feature where the duration is for 3 days. If you want to ask more days for the Polling, please contact us directly.